Snoopy with the NovAtel STIM300

In mid January 2014 we received our first STIM300 INS from NovAtel. As a result I wrote this short article for LiDAR News.

The STIM300 has the exact same form factor as the ADIS. Both are very nice units. While we were excited with the ADIS the STIM300 has far more potential for a modest price difference.

Our previous experience with the ADIS was very favorable. In fact, it was so good that we sold the unit to our Chinese partner (Mr. Bai Hao, Just as with the ADIS, we were able to have it completely assembled with a Snoopy system within an hour. In just a short time the boresight was complete along with a nice field test.

Here are a few screen shots of the resulting point cloud collected using the STIM300 on Snoopy with the Velodyne HD32.

1 - A divided highway view.

2 - Top down view of buildings and GPS deprived area.

3 - Side view of same area.

Here's a video of the same data: Snoopy STIM300 scan

Here's a small sample of data from our quick test scans:

The path of the event and the selected area:

An overview of the resulting LiDAR point cloud:

Here are the associated data files (5 million points/file in LAZ format):

File 1 (GDrive Link)
File 2 (GDrive Link)
File 3 (GDrive Link)
File 4 (GDrive Link)
File 5 (GDrive Link)
File 6 (GDrive Link)
File 7 (GDrive Link)
File 8 (GDrive Link)

We will be posting more information here very soon. We ran a comparison through a hilly, wooded area with the STIM300 and LCI100. When we've had a chance to review the results we will post them here.

For further reference information regarding the STIM300 follow these links:

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